SL Baum
                                              a Young Adult Dystopian Series

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HELLO!! Thanks so much for visiting my website.

Here's what's going on with me...

After finding success with my YA Paranormal Series - The Immortal Ones - I decided to dive into the Dystopian world and LUSH was born (and Bluebell with it). I love writing Bluebell, she is a great character... finding her way in a future that isn't as solid as she thought it was.

After releasing LUSH in April of 2013, HUSH followed in October of the same year, and CRUSH was released in late March of 2014.

I will now be exploring a few of the other stories that have been rolling around in my head. I know that several of my readers have asked for another book in The Immortal Ones and my motto is... never say never... so it may happen. Charity and Link are not exactly screaming into my head right now (but I do hear a whisper).

Sometimes I hear too many whispers ;-)


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